In good hands: supporting organizations to develop and implement child safety policies

Presidential Grants Fund

04.01.2020 – 05.31.2021

The goal of the project is to support state, commercial and non-profit organizations in St. Petersburg working with children in the prevention of violence and abuse against children by creating and implementing an organizational "Child Protection Policy". The Child Protection Policy is a document that aims to regulate how an organization’s employees work with children and to ensure the well-being and protection of the rights of children with whom the organization comes into contact (directly or indirectly).
The project is being implemented in several stages:
Training specialists on topics such as identification of risks to the well-being and safety of children at the organizational level, taking into account the types of activities in which children are involved; development of measures to prevent these risks.
Supporting organizations in the development and implementation of their own Child Protection Policy.
Dissemination of experience in the development and implementation of the Policy.
The Child Protection Policy will be developed for each organization individually during working meetings with organizations and with support from CF Galaxy’s specialists. Twelve organizations (governmental, commercial, charitable) will take part in the project. 30 children from different organizations will take part in the development of the children's version of the Policy, which is in line with the principle of ensuring children's participation in the decision-making process. A group of trained specialists (3 specialists from each organization) will conduct educational trainings for colleagues on child safety in their organizations with the support of a specialist from the Charity Fund “Galaxy”.
The experience of development of the Policy and recommendations for its use to protect children at the organizational level will be publicized by means of an information video and a webinar with the participation of at least 200 specialists from organizations working with children, as well as at a meeting of the Committee for the Affairs of Minors and Protection of Their Rights and HR Association Conference.

Link to the electronic version of the Policy on the observance of the rights and safety of children - participants in projects, programs and events of the Charity Fund Galaxy