«If you speak up, I will join»

Council of the Baltic Sea States

01.08.2019 – 31.07.2020

Charity Fund “Galaxy” was a partner of the “If you speak up, I will join” project, which main aim was to identify and empower people who have become victims of human trafficking during their childhood. The main contractor of the project was ECPAT Norway. The project was implemented in partnership with the Swedish Platform Civil Society Against Trafficking in Human Beings and with the Latvian center Marta. Geography of the project: Baltic Sea region.
An online platform and a regional forum where people affected by human trafficking can receive support and voice their opinions in the decision-making process were organized during the project. Information on the mechanisms and reasons underlying recruitment into trafficking in persons, strategies to combat human trafficking, as well as ways to identify victims was also obtained. The main event of the project was an online festival, which included the participation of specialists and survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.
Online platform: https://ifyouspeakup.com/