Increasing Public Awareness about Inequality in Children’s Lives

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

01.10.2016 - 30.09.2017

The exhibition "Five Corners: When Adults Are Wrong" was created within the framework of the project. The objectives of the exhibition were to draw attention to myths about childhood; to provide information about the real problems of childhood in the Russian Federation; to increase accountability and inform about ways to prevent violence against children. For a month, the exhibition was shown in the foyer of the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater, and was attended by more than 2,000 Petersburgers.
A parallel program was organized within the framework of the exhibition: a game-action "Day of Internet Independence", an open lecture "From a caterpillar to a butterfly: ways of raising troubled children", an open lecture "Psychology of violence in social networks", an open lecture "How to prevent the spread of drugs in a student environment ”, play“ Illusion ”: seven episodes devoted to risky behavior of adolescents, the risk of involvement in human trafficking and the formation of safe behavior skills.
Galina Artemenko, journalist: “The creators of the exhibition made it as visual, interactive and sharp as possible. Five "rooms" symbolize five problems affecting the well-being of children: the dictates of the modern consumer society, violence, inequality, migration and social orphanhood. And the myths that accompany these problems. The myth that it is better to take a child out of every marginalized family, or that absolutely all graduates of orphanages in the future are losers or alcoholics, and at the same time all orphanages are without exception absolute evil. The myth that in a prosperous family it is necessary to make the child even happier and more successful, and for this it is necessary to develop him from the first years of life, without letting him breathe - no idle days off, classes, languages, study clubs and classes. And it doesn’t matter what he thinks about it, when he will grow up - he will say thank you. The myth that all migrants live twenty people in a room and are not interested in the normal education for their children, the myth that ... Stop! Better to see for yourself.
Here you can also test yourself as a parent studying the life of an ordinary average family: you can sit in one of the "five corners" of the exhibition in a comfortable chair, put on headphones and look at the screen. There the actors of the Alexandrinsky Theater portray parents at the very moments when parents, falling into a rage, reprimand their teenage children, telling them what they think about them, well, for example, if they are not doing their homework, using Internet for a long time or coming home late. And parents, rightly fearing for the health and life of the child, often "go off the rails" themselves, screaming: "I won't let you out, I'll take your tablet away from you, who do you think you are!" It is extremely useful to look at yourself from the outside ”.
“How many times have we already repeated and are repeating over and over again: a child is not an“ unfinished ”adult, but an independent person who demands respect,” says Olga Kolpakova, director of Charity Fund for social programs “Galaxy”, one of the project organizers. “Therefore, at our exhibition, we are as Janusz Korczak wrote,“ on the side of the child ”, we came up with a free program of meetings and lectures to talk about the most pressing issues."
You can read more about the concept of the exhibition in the presentation.
The exhibition was created by:
Author of the idea: Maya Rusakova. Concept and texts: Veronika Odinokova and Yulia Zakharova with the participation of Michelle Rivkin-Fish. Curator: Anna Fateeva
Design, exposition: Bureau "ArtTerra", Artists: Sergey Borodkin, Elena Shulepova, Margarita Chekodanova. Curators: Maria Korosteleva, Oleg Nikolaev
Employees of the department of cultural projects of the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater:
Ekaterina Puzankova, head of department
Anna Sagalchik, leading specialist
Oksana Torkanova, Head of Public Relations Department
Videos with examples of ineffective communication between parents and children were created for the exhibition.

Director: Mikhail Patlasov
Artists: Marina Roslova, Gala Samoilova, Daria Stepanova, Valery Stepanov
Operator: Elizaveta Aryslanova