Providing emotional support and life-skills training to young women in four residential vocational schools in St. Petersburg

ЕМроwеr - The Еmеrgiпg Маrkеts Foundation Ltd.

01.04.2016 - 31.03.2018

Emotional support and training in the necessary life skills of young women enrolled in 4 vocational schools in St. Petersburg was carried out within the framework of the project, as well as training of school staff in program management and improving their relations with students.
The effectiveness assessment showed important changes in various spheres of young people's lives, such as readiness for independent life, employment; desire to get an education; the introduction of healthy lifestyles and the availability of knowledge in the field of reproductive health; developing trusting relationships between young people and specialists from government agencies who work with them; demonstrating higher self-esteem and confidence that they will be respected in the future.
The methodology of the program is presented in the publication: Kolpakova O.I., Odinokova V.A., Kozlova A.V., Kutsak M.S. "A Solid Step to One’s Adult Life.". A toolkit for specialists on the organization and implementation of a gender-specific program of socialization and adaptation to adult life of graduates of orphanages and residential establishments.
Evaluation of the project's effectiveness is presented in the publication Kolpakov O. I., Kutsak M. S., Odinokova V. A. Evaluation of the gender-specific program of socialization and adaptation of graduates of orphanages "A Solid Step to One’s Adult Life."
Evaluation of a gender specific program