Strengthening capacity in fundraising and communications, adapting the Prevention Programme to address the needs of young men, facilitating program adoption by other institutions.

RPO SPSPW "Stellit"

01.05.2018 – 30.04.2020

The prevention program "A Solid Step to One’s Adult Life" was adapted to the needs of young people, the ability of the CF “Galaxy” to create and maintain connections in the field of fundraising and communications was strengthened, and the volunteer movement “You know the right way? Have it your own way" was supported within the framework of the project.
The aim: to increase the competence of specialists in the field of preventive work with students and pupils of state institutions in St. Petersburg.
The problem of social adaptation and post-boarding formation of graduates of orphanages is acute in modern society. The state is committed to solving the main problems of graduates of orphanages: education, housing, assistance in finding a job. But an independent, adult life poses problems for them, for which in reality they turn out to be unprepared.
Successful adaptation of graduates of orphanages is hampered in particular by the following factors:
• low awareness of orphanage graduates on health issues, high prevalence of various types of risky behavior;
• personal characteristics of graduates of orphanages (low self-esteem, low level of empathy, inability to build relationships with other people, inability to take responsibility for their choices and their lives, unrealistic ideas about life);
• a narrow social circle - as a rule, graduates of orphanages experience difficulties in establishing contacts with peers living with their parents, have a limited number of connections with competent adults who can support them in solving emerging problems;
• life in conditions of full state support gives rise to dependency among graduates of orphanages, unwillingness to look for work and work in general, graduates of orphanages lack the skills to write resumes, pass interviews and get a job;
• graduates of orphanages lack financial planning and budgeting skills, which leads to ineffective spending of the monthly maintenance allowance allocated during training in vocational schools and colleges, as well as subsidies allocated by the state after graduation from vocational training.
In addition to the problems common to boys and girls, there are a number of gender-specific difficulties faced by boys:
Young men who graduated from the orphanage are slightly more likely than girls at this age to face difficulties in relations with adults, showing negativity and stubbornness.
For a young man who graduated from an orphanage, the most important reference group is still his peers of the same gender.
Lack of self-care skills among boys graduating from orphanages.

The psychological basis for self-determination in early adolescence is, first of all, the need of a young man to take the inner position of an adult, to acknowledge himself as a member of society, to identify himself in the world, that is, to understand himself and his capabilities along with understanding his place and purpose in life. Taking into account these psychological characteristics, it is necessary to supplement the socialization program "A Solid Step to One’s Adult Life" taking into account the gender specificity of the development of young men in adolescence in order to continue effective work. The program is based on the concept of life skills, according to which life skills contribute to adaptations and positive behaviors that enable people to effectively cope with the demands and challenges of everyday life. The program of socialization and adaptation to adult life "A Solid Step to One’s Adult Life" is complex and includes various interactive activities: trainings, watching and discussing feature films, theater studio classes, staging performances, organizing and conducting station games, quests on health issues and prevention of risky behavior, visiting shelters for homeless animals, etc.
A manual was written, which was an addition to the main manual: "A toolkit for specialists on organizing and conducting a gender-specific program of socialization and adaptation in adult life of graduates of orphanages and residential establishments "A Solid Step to One’s Adult Life" during the implementation of the project.
The toolkit contains materials that were used by specialists during trainings and other classes with young men who were the participants of the Program. Distinctive features that should be taken into account when working with young men are also described in this manual. The toolkit is intended for state and non-state institutions, representatives of volunteer / volunteer movements and other persons interested in socialization, adaptation and preparation for an independent (adult) life of orphans and persons from among orphans.
The following materials were also developed within the framework of this project:
Video presentation of an effective program for the socialization of orphans and persons from among orphans for specialists from state and non-state organizations working with orphans.
Video instructions for conducting training exercises within the framework of the program "A Solid Step to One’s Adult Life" for specialists from government and non-government organizations working with orphans. Training for trainers.
Instructions for conducting a floor game on the safe use of the Internet "CyberLand"
Webinar on the formation of a comprehensive prevention system - Model "Health Council"