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How to create a safe environment in a children’s organisation? A manual by Galaxy Charity Foundation
Security policy for children

Discussing abuse with teenagers can be very difficult. But one of the most important things you can do to prevent these situations is to openly discuss the issue with teenagers. Our comics “I am not afraid: five stories for 14- to 17-year-olds” can help you start the dialogue. Use the stories from the comics to talk to teenagers about the situations that can occur in children’s organisations, to explain how to ensure their own safety and the safety of others, and where to go for help. The options for exiting difficult situations described in the comics are not the only ones that exist. You can discuss other options. Encourage teenagers to ask questions and express their opinions.

Artist: Konstantin Dubkov
Script: Maria Kostareva, PR expert
Veronica Odinokova, social psychologist, PhD in sociology
Yulia Zaharova, sociologist
Special thanks:
Sociological Clinic of Applied Research at the Saint Petersburg State University and research group of the project “Parents’ and children’s perceptions of inappropriate behaviour and abuse in Russian organisations working with children”
School and university students in Saint Petersburg, who read variants of the comic book and shared their recommendations: Maria, Sergei, Taisiya, Maria S., Ksenia, Alina.

© Copying and sharing materials without crediting the source is prohibited.
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Children's version of the security policy
Developed by teenagers. A single poster, formed by several smaller images, which can be used both in printed form or posted in social networks.
Parents’ and children’s perceptions of inappropriate behaviour and abuse in Russian organisations working with children
Research report
You can use various resources and guides when developing your security policy. We have compiled some useful sources in our e-library.
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